Personality & Consciousness

Personality & Consciousness pays $25 for exclusive web rights to well written, properly referenced papers to do with personality theories, theorists, or consciousness. That's not a lot, granted, and it's unlikely to cause anyone to rush out to their local library to begin research, but it does represent a token thank you.

Academic accreditation is not a factor in assessing papers. Student's who have written excellent papers for classes may wish to submit them rather than have them simply sit in a file cabinet or worse, wind up in the trash. Papers are judged on quality and fit. A good fit is one where the paper is about something not already addressed, and is comprehensible to a reader who is intelligent but who may not possess a Ph.D. in personality theory.

Works previously published in print are also potential candidates for publication on P & C, provided the submitter has rights to the work. P & C is only interested in exclusive web rights, copyright remains with the copyright holder. Anything accepted by P & C may be published in media other than the web by the rights holder.

If you wish to submit a paper, contact Eric Pettifor via the contact form with a brief description of the paper.