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Theories of Personality

Jess Feist,Gregory J Feist

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Accurate and authoritative, Theories of Personality by Jess and Gregory Feist presents 23 leading theories of personality in a thorough, interesting and logical manner. The book begins with an introductory chapter designed to acquaint students with the meaning of personality and provide them with a solid foundation for understanding the nature of theory and its crucial contributions to science. The next seventeen chapters present twenty-three major theories with a fresh approach and a more complete view encompassing, a biographical sketch of each theorist, related research and applications to real life. When appropriate, the authors point out ways in which the theorists' life experiences may have helped shape her or his theory.

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Philosophy of Science for Personality Theory

Joseph F. Rychlak

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Personality and Personal Growth (5th Edition)

James Fadiman,Robert Frager

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For upper-level courses in Personality Theory and Personal Adjustment. Unique in its cross-cultural, global, and gender-balanced perspectives-and with an emphasis on humanistic and transpersonal psychologists-this text explores the positive aspects of major personality theorists, stressing each one's relevance for personal understanding. Highly praised for its exceptionally well-written style and accessibility, it encourages and supports students in using themselves as the primary touchstone for each theory. Each chapter gives them opportunities to validate their insights through direct experience, and, by observing their own reactions, come to their own conclusions about the utility and value of each theory.

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Beneath the Mask: An Introduction to Theories of Personality

Christopher F. Monte

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This book's theorist-by-theorist approach to personality theories explores how the personal histories, conflicts, and intentions of each theorist contributed to his or her portraits of people. It presents the "sequence of thinking" for more than 20 theorists and the changes embodied in the streams of their ideas over time. The format emphasizes each theorist's life history as the basis for the ideas that constitute the theory, making the theories easier to understand as "pictures of human nature." Theories are presented comprehensively and empathetically and are introduced with scrupulous attention to historical, experimental, and clinical research. Where appropriate, extensive quotations and citations from the theorists' own works are included.

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An Introduction to Theories of Personality

Gardner Lindzey,Calvin S. Hall,John C. Loehlin

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A comprehensive, clearly written text designed for undergradauate courses in introductory personality. Describes and interprets the major theories of personality. Emphasizes each theory's significance and application. Includes figures, tables, summaries, and boxed inserts featuring biographies and applications of theory to research.

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Theories of Personality

Calvin S. Hall,Gardner Lindzey,John B. Campbell

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This is the best book on theories ever published. The fourth edition is theory-oriented and has been reorganized into four parts examing theories of psychodynamics, personality structure, growth and perceived reality, and learning. It also includes new chapters on Eysenck, Bandura, Kelly, and social learning theories.

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