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Motivation and Personality

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Foundational. Note, a number of sellers on are listing an 'international' edition of this book under the same isbn as the official edition. I'm not sure about the legality or quality of the international edition, but to buy the official edition new is very expensive, much more than one would expect to pay for a paperback. You can likely find the official edition on, but you might have to scroll a bit.

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Toward a Psychology of Being, 3rd Edition

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"If we wish to help humans to become more fully human, we must realize not only that they try to realize themselves, but that they are also reluctant or afraid or unable to do so. Only by fully appreciating this dialectic between sickness and health can we help to tip the balance in favor of health." -Abraham Maslow
Abraham Maslow's theories of self-actualization and the hierarchy of human needs are the cornerstone of modern humanistic psychology, and no book so well epitomizes those ideas as his classic Toward a Psychology of Being.
A profound book, an exciting book, its influence continues to spread, more than a quarter century after its author's death, beyond psychology and throughout the humanities, social theory, and business management theory.
Of course, the book's enduring popularity stems from the important questions it raises and the answers it provides concerning what is fundamental to human nature and psychological well-being, and what is needed to promote, maintain, and restore mental and emotional well-being. But its success also has to do with Maslow's unique ability to convey difficult philosophical concepts with passion, precision, and astonishing clarity, and, through the power of his words, to ignite in readers a sense of creative joy and wholeness toward which we, as beings capable of self-actualization, strive.
This Third Edition makes Abraham Maslow's ideas accessible to a new generation of psychology students, as well as businesspeople, managers, and trainers interested in applying the study of human behavior to management techniques.
An energetic and articulate scholar, Professor Maslow was the author of more than twenty books, including Eupsychian Management; Psychology of Science; Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences; Motivation and Personality; and Principles of Abnormal Psychology (with B. Mittelmann). He also edited New Knowledge in Human Values and wrote nearly one hundred articles. His teachings continue to be a staple for psychologists and psychology students.
"Capacities clamor to be used, and cease their clamor only when they are well used. . . . Not only is it fun to use our capacities, but it is necessary for growth. The unused skill or capacity or organ can become a disease center or else atrophy or disappear, thus diminishing the person." -Abraham Maslow
Toward a Psychology of Being, Third Edition
Abraham Maslow doesn't pretend to have easy answers, absolutes, or solutions that bring the relief of finality-but he does have a deep belief in people. In this Third Edition of Toward a Psychology of Being (the original edition sold well over 100,000 copies), there is a constant optimistic thrust toward a future based on the intrinsic values of humanity. Professor Maslow states that, "This inner nature, as much as we know of it so far, seems not to be intrinsically evil, but rather either neutral or positively 'good.' What we call evil behavior appears most often to be a secondary reaction to frustration of this intrinsic nature." He demonstrates that human beings can be loving, noble, and creative, and are capable of pursuing the highest values and aspirations.
This Third Edition will bring Professor Maslow's ideas to a whole new generation of business and psychology readers, as well as anyone interested in the study of human behavior.

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Best read after Motivation and Personality. But if you can read only one book by Maslow, this is it.

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The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (An Esalen Book)

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The chocolate sprinkled foam on the cappuccino. Thought provoking and warm fuzzy feeling inducing on its own, but you'll get more out of it if you've first read Motivation and Personality and/or Toward a Psychology of Being.

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Dominance, Self Esteem, Self Actualization (The A. H. Maslow series)

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Historical. Follows Maslow's thought from his early work with monkeys, through undergraduates, and on to the self-actualized. For those who want to start at the very beginning. At time of writing this it's not in print and can be pricey to buy second hand if you can find it. If doesn't have it, you could add it to a want list there specifying a price range that's acceptable. And there's always the library.

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Maslow on Management

Abraham H. Maslow

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A seminal work onhuman behavior in the workplace—now completely updated

"At last! We have all been quoting Maslow for years and to now have such an excellent compilation of his seminal thoughts on management and organization comes like a timely gift from heaven. The values and principles he taught decades ago are even more relevant today." —Stephen Covey, author, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

"Maslow's book is a readable, impressionistic masterpiece that extolled the virtues of collaborative, synergistic management decades ahead of its time. This edition reveals just how much the management thinkers of our day, including Peter Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, and Peter Senge, owe to Maslow, and how much, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, management can still learn from his insights." —Andrea Gabor, author, The Man Who Discovered Quality.

"Maslow's brilliant and humane perspectives are made easily accessible in this exceptional book. It's also quite humbling—why haven't we yet actualized the truths about human nature and the nature of work?" —Margaret J. Wheatley, author, Leadership and the New Science and A Simpler Way.

"Maslow's profound concept of self-actualization could generate a Copernican Revolution of work and society, catapulting us out of what future generations will look back on as the dark ages of management." —Jim Collins, coauthor, Built to Last.

"In an age of self-directed teams, team-based improvement, and enterprisewide knowledge management, Maslow's concept of enlightened economics, resonates more today than when he originally formulated his ideas." —John Peetz, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ernst & Young LLP.

"Abraham Maslow's vision on living with ambiguity and lack of structure are profound. His humility as a scientist never let him take credit for his incredible insight into the future of business structure, let alone the value of work itself. Now, we can correct this error." —Watts Wacker, Resident Futurist, SRI International; founder, FirstMatter LLC; author, The 500 Year Delta.

"Proper management of the work lives of human beings, of the way in which they earn their living, can improve them and improve the world and in this sense be a utopian or revolutionary technique." —Abraham Maslow.

The pioneer behind the hierarchy of needs and the concept of self-actualization, Dr. Abraham Maslow was—and is—one of the world's most esteemed experts on human behavior and motivation. However, while perhaps most famous for his work in the area of humanistic psychology, his legacy of work encompasses much more, extending into the realms of business and management. Having explored and studied the relationship between human behavior and the work situation, Maslow translated the science of the mind into the art of management=an important interpretation first published in the far-sighted treatise, Eupsychian Management, and whose impact continues to be felt today. Now, this seminal work has been updated, primed to introduce new readers to—and reacquaint old admirers with—what some have called the renowned psychologist's best book.

Bringing into perspective the lasting impact of Maslow's groundbreaking principles, Maslow on Management illustrates how they have withstood the test of time to become integral components of current management practices, such as continuous improvement, Theory X, and empowerment. Offering insight into using these and other tools to effectively tackle present-day business situations, from heightened competitiveness to globalization to emerging technologies, Maslow on Management covers a wealth of timeless topics, including:

  • Self-actualization—the freedom to effectuate one's own ideas, try things out, make decisions, and make mistakes
  • Synergy—what is beneficial for the individual is beneficial for everyone; individual success should not occur at the expense of others; align organizational goals with personal goals
  • Enlightened management policy—assume that all your people have the impulse to achieve; everyone prefers to be a prime mover rather than a passive helper; everyone wants to feel important, needed, useful, successful, and proud; there is no dominance-subordination hierarchy.

To complement Dr. Maslow's original writings and to demonstrate how his forward-thinking ideas are being played out in today's business world, Maslow on Management features interviews with Perot Systems Chairman Mort Meyerson, Non-Linear Systems founder Andrew Kay, Esalen Institute founder Michael Murphy, and other prominent figures who provide incisive commentary on subjects ranging from creativity in business to leadership lessons for the digital age.

Epitomizing the genius of its author and embodying his elegant ruminations, Maslow on Management is still as important as it was when it first appeared. A true classic, this is essential reading for all managers.

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The Third Force

Frank G. Goble

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The Essential Guide to Maslovian Psychology. Examines key concepts such as the hierarchy of needs and self-actualization, the peak experience, humanistic education, synergy, management and more. Includes the complete text of Maslow's hierarchy of needs publication, "A Theory of Human Motivation". A valuable starting point for anyone seeking a general introduction to Maslow's work. This eBook edition contains the complete 201 page text of the original 1970 hardcover edition.

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The Maslow Business Reader

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Includes Original Essays & Letters
"The more evolved and psychologically healthy people get, the more will enlightened management policy be necessary in order to survive in competition and the more handicapped will be an enterprise with an authoritarian policy."-Abraham Maslow

In a world in which each new day brings a new management theory or strategic proposition, the timeless ideas of Abraham Maslow resonate with unimpeachable insight and clarity. Dr. Maslow, the pioneer behind elemental concepts including the hierarchy of needs and the human search for self-actualization, innately understood that the goals and passions that so impact humans in their everyday life could be just as applicable-and his own findings just as valuable-in the work environment.

The Maslow Business Reader collects Maslow's essays and letters for his many devoted adherents, and introduces his published and unpublished works to readers unfamiliar with Maslow's management breakthroughs. From recognizing and warning against management's natural progression to mechanize the human organization to brilliant discussions of human motivation, Dr. Maslow never fails to instantly recognize the heart and soul of each matter and provide direct, across-the-board solutions.

Abraham Maslow's contributions to behavioral science shine on every page. In notes and articles, as well as personal letters to icons B. F. Skinner, John D. Rockefeller II, and others, The Maslow Business Reader provides his outlook on:
* Management and leadership issues such as customer loyalty, entrepreneurship, and the importance of communication
* Ways to build a work environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and maximized individual contributions
* Techniques for finding comfort in change and ambiguity, and using them to spur creativity and innovation

Amid today's impressive technological innovations, business leaders sometimes forget that work is-at its core-a fundamental human endeavor. The Maslow Business Reader reminds us of Dr. Abraham Maslow's towering contribution to the understanding of human behavior and motivation, and how his efforts can lead to a greater understanding of the twenty-first-century workplace-and the workers who call it home.

An important analysis of workplace motivation-from the twentieth century's most influential behavioral expert

Abraham Maslow is renowned-and rightfully so-for his pioneering work on the hierarchy of needs and the human drive for self-actualization. As today's worker increasingly equates professional success with personal satisfaction and fulfillment, Dr. Maslow's words and ideas have become recognized for their wisdom and prescience on performance improvement and management/employee relationships.

The Maslow Business Reader collects Abraham Maslow's most instructive, intuitive thoughts and essays into one important volume. Assembled from the wealth of behavioral research and analysis Dr. Maslow left upon his death in 1970, the enclosed selections reveal a man comfortable with his position in history, tireless in his efforts to better understand what truly makes humans strive to reach their potential, and gifted in his ability to translate the most profound concepts and realities into entertaining, thought-provoking prose.

Abraham Maslow is still regarded as the modern world's most articulate, insightful authority on human behavior and motivation. Discover his beliefs and conclusions on worker drives and motivations-as applicable today as when they were first written-in The Maslow Business Reader.

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Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences

Abraham H. Maslow

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